Put together your individual skate setup

    A skateboard consists of many different parts that all work together so that you can do your tricks and glide through the streets. Here is the Deck, your platform that supports you and unleashes your creativity. The Trucks, that lie beneath your deck and allow you to cut your corners and explore your world. Then come... [Weiterlesen]
    the Wheels, that let you glide over the concrete, feel every pebble beneath you and carry you into new adventures. The Bearings, those little metal balls that keep spinning and moving you forward. The Small Parts, with their nuts and bolts, hold everything in place while you sweep through the city. And of course the Griptape - the rough surface that holds you as you master your tricks and the world passes beneath you.
    In this exciting world of skateboarding, every part is important. They all work together to bring your passion to life, test your skills and celebrate your boldness. So grab your board, throw yourself into the turn and let's conquer the streets together. Let's shred!

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