Vans 'Off the Wall' is an icon of skateboard culture and synonymous with creative self-expression and rebellious spirit. Since its inception, the Vans brand has become a symbol of youth culture and has significantly influenced the way we view skateboarding, streetwear and the urban lifestyle. [read more]
    Vans 'Off the Wall' offers an extensive range of footwear, apparel and accessories designed for skateboarders and those who live the urban lifestyle. The legendary skate shoes from Vans, such as the Authentic and the Old Skool, stand for timeless design, durable construction and ultimate skate performance.

    The legacy of Vans 'Off the Wall' extends far beyond skateboarding and appeals to a wide range of people who value individuality, creativity and self-expression. From the halfpipe to the street, from the skate hall to the concert, Vans 'Off the Wall' is present wherever young people meet and live out their passions.

    With a team of talented skateboarders and artists representing the brand, Vans 'Off the Wall' is a movement that celebrates the values of freedom, self-expression and community. Through their events, partnerships and projects, Vans 'Off the Wall' inspires a new generation of creatives, dreamers and rebels to go their own way and shape the world.

    Discover the world of Vans 'Off the Wall' and become part of an incomparable culture that takes skateboarding, streetwear and the urban lifestyle to a new level. Be yourself, be creative, be 'Off the Wall'.

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