Legend of skateboard culture

    Santa Cruz Skateboards is an icon of skateboard culture and has stood for innovation, quality and unmistakable style for decades. Founded in the 1970s, Santa Cruz has established itself as one of the leading brands in the skateboard industry and has significantly influenced the development of the sport. [read more]
    Santa Cruz skateboards are characterized by their robust construction and creative graphics that capture the rebellious nature of skateboarding. From classic decks to special editions, Santa Cruz offers a wide range of boards for skateboarders of all levels and preferences.

    What sets Santa Cruz apart is their close connection to the skateboarding community and their support for local skateboarding initiatives around the world. Through events, team riders and creative projects, Santa Cruz remains an important part of skateboard culture and inspires generations of skateboarders.

    Discover the world of Santa Cruz Skateboards and immerse yourself in the history and passion of skateboarding. With their legendary designs and unwavering dedication to skateboarding, Santa Cruz embodies the spirit and soul of the sport.

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