Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) is a pioneering streetwear brand that combines functionality and style. Since its foundation, Carhartt WIP has become an icon of urban fashion and stands for high-quality materials, timeless design and an unmistakable urban look. [read more]
    Carhartt WIP clothing is characterized by its durability, robust materials and clear aesthetics. From classic workwear pieces to modern streetwear styles, Carhartt WIP offers a diverse selection for every occasion and every personality.

    What makes Carhartt WIP special is their connection to streetwear culture and their ability to constantly reinvent themselves without forgetting their roots. With a mix of timeless classics and innovative designs, Carhartt WIP appeals to a wide range of customers who value quality, functionality and style.

    The Carhartt WIP team is made up of creatives, artists and designers who have turned the brand into a global phenomenon. Through its partnerships with artists, musicians and skateboarders, Carhartt WIP has created a vibrant community that reflects the zeitgeist of urban culture.

    Discover the world of Carhartt WIP and experience the fusion of functionality and style. With their streetwear you can express your urban lifestyle and show your personality in an authentic and stylish way.

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