Nike SB represents a revolutionary era of skateboarding where performance, style and innovation go hand in hand. Since its launch, the Nike SB brand has established itself as a leading player in the skateboarding community, redefining the standards for skateboarding footwear, apparel and accessories. [read more]

    The Nike SB collection offers a wide range of products designed specifically for skateboarders. From the legendary Dunk sneakers to the technically advanced Janoski shoes, Nike SB offers unparalleled performance and comfort on the board. With innovative technologies such as Zoom Air cushioning and durable materials, Nike SB shoes set new standards in terms of board feel and durability.

    The Nike SB team consists of some of the best skateboarders in the world who represent the brand at international competitions and in the skateboarding community. Their dedication and passion for skateboarding is reflected in every product and inspires a new generation of skateboarders.

    Nike SB is not just a brand, but a movement that celebrates the values of freedom, creativity and self-expression. Through its events, partnerships and projects, Nike SB promotes skateboard culture and supports the skate community around the world.

    Discover the world of Nike SB and experience the fascination of skateboarding in a whole new way. With Nike SB, you're ready to push your limits and realize your dreams on the board.

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