Yes, in our store you have the opportunity to let put your own board together. Just ask one of our employees. They can put together a new board for you that is tailored to your abilities and level.

Yes, you can easily subscribe to our newsletter in the footer of our shop. There you will be regularly kept up to date and lots of exciting promotions await you.

A raffle is a type of prize draw where you have the chance to win exclusive purchasing rights for limited releases. There are 2 ways to take part in our raffle. Via online raffle

  1. Like our Instagram account (orangejungle_skateshop)
  2. Like our post on Instagram
  3. Send us an email to raffle@orangejungle.de and include your US size in the subject line. Write us your Instagram name and your delivery preference (pickup in store or via delivery) in the message field.

Via Store Raffle

  1. Like our post
  2. Follow Orangejungle_Skateshop
  3. Come to our store in Erfurt and register for the current raffle.

After the raffle ends, ONLY the winners will receive a notification via Instagram.